Preparing for inspection

 The presentation of your (young) horse at the studbook inspection is an important moment. The judgement of the jury:

  • provides insight in the quality of your horse
  • determines the future studbook status of your horse
  • determines the breeding and economic value of your horse
  • offers you the opportunity to compare your horse with the horses of other breeders
So a moment to pay attention to and prepare your horse carefully. Trainingsstal Dynamis is happy to help you!.


Preparing for insp[ection means we present your horse optimally for the jury. This means bringing the horse in the right condition by means of specific training and correct feeding. We prefer to see a happy horse, presenting itself "on its own legs".

Besides the training we take care of the toilet, shoeing, transport and presentation of your horse at the show/keuring. On average the training will last 5 weeks, depending on the shape of the horse. 

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